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RANGER 1000 RANGEFINDERS Gseven Ballistic Rangefinder - G7 BR2
Our Price: $379.99
The G7 BR2 (Ballistic Rangefinder 2000) rangefinder has achieved the most significant milestone in laser rangefinder technology since their introduction to the hunting industry. The BR2 model is the first rangefinder to feature a real time ballistic calculation that accepts your specific bullet Ballistic Coefficient and Muzzle Velocity as inputs to build a custom ballistic profile, and then calculate a real time ballistic solution. The impressive ranging capability comes from Laser Technologies Inc, one of the world’s premier professional measurement companies. New developments in sensor technology along with dozens of other patented technologies give the G7 BR2 eye safe ranging capabilities beyond 2000 yards. By utilizing the G7 ballistic engine, the G7 BR2 is able to utilize measurements of line of sight range, incline angle, and air density to make a complete ballistic calculation of the range for your custom Ballistic Turret or reticle. “Just range it and dial it” has never been so simple or precise. The BR2 Rangefinder is easy for you to field program on your own. However, to speed up the learning curve, we can program it for you. If you would like to have us program the profiles on your rangefinder please contact us after purchasing. We can input up to five profiles for you on the rangefinder so you're ready to go out of the box!